Virginia's Offshore Wind Team

The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) has assembled a team of offshore wind industry experts to help deploy strategies that will strengthen Virginia’s position in attracting the offshore wind supply chain and service industry to the Commonwealth.

As part of the 2018 supply chain opportunity analysis, BVG Associates LLC (BVGA) leveraged its North American and global partners with extensive offshore wind industry experience, including Ramboll Group A/S (Ramboll), Timmons Group (Timmons), Greentree Consulting, LLC (Greentree) and the Business Network for Offshore Wind (THE NETWORK). Each is deeply embedded in a different, complementary area of the offshore wind market, both domestically (e.g. VA, MA, MD, NJ, NY and RI) and internationally (e.g. Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom). In addition to these local roots and comprehensive familiarity with the global offshore wind industry, the team is familiar with industrial footprint structuring, port infrastructure requirements, Jones Act marine logistics, global supply chain strategies, long-term maritime service needs and how to quantify a business case for scope localization.

These experts have an extensive history working together on identifying offshore wind infrastructure and supply chain opportunities for numerous U.S. East Coast states, providing critical information to both states and wind developers. A few examples include:

  • BVGA, Ramboll, Timmons and Greentree collaboration on the 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation;

  • BVGA and THE NETWORK collaboration on the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offshore wind master plan;

  • Ramboll and THE NETWORK collaboration on the Maryland offshore wind ports review; and

  • Various key personnel among the team have collaborated on both the Cape Wind (Massachusetts) and Block Island (Rhode Island) offshore wind projects.

BVGA and its partners worked with the DMME-led Virginia Offshore Wind Team that also includes representatives from the Governor’s Office, Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), Port of Virginia and Virginia’s maritime industry trade associations.

A growing list of offshore wind stakeholders and representatives both at the state level and from the Hampton Roads region support the Virginia Offshore Wind Team’s development strategies and are engaged in three additional collaborations: Partnerships, Workforce and Business Incentives / Business Climate.

+ Virginia Offshore Wind Team

The Virginia Offshore Wind Team, led by the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, recognizes the long-term economic development opportunity to capitalize on the Commonwealth’s logistical and workforce advantage. In fact, the Team regularly hosts site tours with globally recognized offshore wind developers, procurement and logistics experts, European foundation fabricators and other potential supply chain businesses.

Tre Atkins
Business Investment Manager, Technologies and Services — Virginia Economic Develoment Partnership

Shawn Avery
President & CEO — Opportunity, Inc.

Al Christopher
Division of Energy Director — Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy

Steve Cook
Vice President of Workforce Innovation — Opportunity, Inc.

Chris Gullickson
Director of Economic Development — Port of Virginia

George Hagerman
Senior Project Scientist — Center for Physical Coastal Oceanography at Old Dominion University

Ken Jurman
Renewable Energy Program Manager — Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy

Art Moye
Director of External Affairs — Virginia Maritime Association

Paul Olsen
Executive Director, Programs and Partnerships — Old Dominion University

Will Payne
Chief Deputy — Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy

John Warren
Director — Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy

+ BVG Associates LLC (BVGA)

BVGA has been involved in U.S. and international offshore wind energy generation from its very early days as a commercial activity. Members of the team have acted as lead advisors and counsellors to the industry as it has developed in both Europe and the U.S. BVGA was the team lead on the preparation of the 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation and had been a key and strong player in the developing Virginia offshore wind market sector, along with delivering port and infrastructure-related work also in Massachusetts, New York and elsewhere. BVGA is the project lead and will help organize and participate in all project components. U.S.-based Andy Geissbuehler leads the BVGA team and brings his recent and ongoing Virginia experiences to this project.


Andy Geissbuehler — Advisory Director
Andy brings extensive commercial and operational experience in the many aspects of the global energy business, specifically in business development, project finance, EPC project execution, operations and industrial footprint. He held executive positions with major multinationals such as ABB, Alstom and GE. He has held P&L responsibility for Alstom's onshore and offshore wind business in North America, followed by heading up GE's US offshore wind operations with the construction of Deepwater Wind's Block Island. As Managing Partner with Virginia based Renewable Resources International, Andy is partnering with BVGA to provide comprehensive value to the US market for local stakeholders and global new entrants. Through BVGA, he also supports the Norwegian Energy Partners as their U.S. Offshore Wind Advisor. Andy is an American and Swiss citizen, speaks four languages, holds a Master’s in Engineering and Industrial Management (ETH Zurich) and an MBA (William & Mary Mason School of Business, VA) and has pursued various executive education, such as INSEAD’s Advanced Management Program.

Bruce Valpy — Managing Director
Bruce founded BVGA over a decade ago and has created a diverse client base that includes start-ups, market leaders, trade bodies, governments, utility providers and multi-nationals on four continents. He has delivered projects from the deeply technical to the most visionary, industry building. He is just as at home working one-to-one with client’s senior leaders and listening to front-line technical staff. Before founding BVGA, Bruce led wind turbine R&D activities for NEG Micon and then led development of Vestas’ largest blades. He previously led turbine development activities at an innovative UK turbine manufacturer, involving detailed engineering of many aspects of a range of different turbine concepts. Bruce received a first-class honours degree in engineering (with economics) from Cambridge University and has 30 years of hands-on experience in renewables.

Scott Hamilton — Senior Associate
Scott leads activities on project management and due diligence at BVGA. He specializes in delivering business analysis, economics and due diligence to clients, including wind farm asset owners and wider industry stakeholders. Scott has vast project management experience and is a qualified PRINCE2 practitioner. He has led a range of projects, including tracking all known offshore wind projects at a global level, and providing detailed due diligence and planning reviews of a number of UK and European offshore wind farms. Scott led an early research project into Jones Act compliant vessels for turbine installation in 2009. He has a substantial background in providing technical consultancy as well as experience as a wind farm developer, having worked to establish an onshore portfolio of projects for a German-owned developer prior to joining BVGA. His in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the developer mind-set helps clients identify and make the most of opportunities in renewable energy.

Alun Roberts — Associate Director
Alun leads projects for BVG Associates in supply chain and technology analysis and development. He brings to this a deep knowledge of offshore wind technologies, the structure of the supply chain, the requirements of the major players in the sector, and the development of global markets. He has used this insight for several developers in recent years in helping them to develop their supply chain plans for the UK government, supporting smaller companies about the opportunities in the sector and analyzing the market of different products and services. A key area of work for him is helping clients understand the economic impacts of their investments through assessments of local content, gross value added (GVA) and jobs. Alun joined BVGA in 2008 from Research Councils UK, where he headed external relations. He previously worked as a specialist for the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, where he managed high profile inquiries on a range of political and technical issues.


DMME — 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation
BVGA evaluated ten Virginia ports for their readiness to accommodate seven offshore wind manufacturing and construction activities (blades, generators, nacelles, towers, foundations, cables, construction staging). It also evaluated five Virginia commercial shipyards for their readiness to manufacture offshore substations. Drawing on intelligence from established offshore wind industry suppliers, the team developed a set of optimal requirements for each offshore wind activity. The requirements included waterside infrastructure, onshore infrastructure for the activities themselves and access requirements for vessels associated with offshore wind activities. BVGA also developed estimates of construction jobs and permanent manufacturing jobs. BVGA developed port utilization scenarios,. including a ‘super-port’, a series of cluster ports and a distributed network. It also engaged ten industry partners to validate the optimal port requirements and review the port utilization scenarios. BVGA made recommendations to government and enablers that are tied to distinct signals from the U.S. offshore wind market, based on its expectations of how the market will develop over the next decade.

Clean Energy States Alliance — US Jobs Analysis
BVGA undertook a quantitative analysis of the jobs required to build U.S. offshore wind farms under two capacity scenarios — 4GW and 8GW by 2030. The team categorized the jobs into the U.S. Standard Occupation Classification codes. The team also judged whether each supply chain sub element would create baseline jobs (almost certainly in the U.S.) or additional (high, medium or low probability).

NYSERDA — Offshore Wind Spatial Cost Analysis
BVGA developed scenarios for offshore wind development in New York state, looking at realistic and optimistic markets and looking at how technology, learning, supply chain and finance influence the outcomes for cost on five different sites. BVGA had to develop good cost values for the NYS and US case. The team also had to develop a more involved transmission cost model than its usual because of the geographical limitations of Long Island. NYSERDA then wanted to be able to alter the site characteristics and the build-out over the period. BVGA provided it with a model that did this using interpolations over the original modeling.

InnoEnergy — Outlook for LCOE for European offshore wind farms with fixed and floating foundations with FIDs in 2015, 2025 and 2035
BVGA estimated the long-term levelized cost of energy (LCOE) potential for 500 MW wind farms using fixed (bottom-founded) and floating foundations for two sites representative of France and the UK. CAPEX, OPEX, annual energy production (AEP) and the resulting levelized cost of energy (LCOE) were estimated assuming that final investment decision (FID) occurred in 2015 (baseline), 2025 or 2035 and the team’s forecast of the typical turbine size at those times. The trends in costs were discussed. BVGA produced its first cost model for wind farms with semi-sub floating foundations.

+ Ramboll Group A/S (Ramboll)

Ramboll is a global engineering, design and environmental consulting firm. With 45 U.S. offices and decades of experience developing projects across America, it provides worldwide expertise combined with local presence and knowledge. Ramboll has a key role in evaluating ports and harbor issues and how they relate to the needs of various sectors of the offshore wind supply chain, participating in the stakeholder outreach program and the development of the offshore wind plan. Ramboll leverages its international experts to provide “lessons learned” consulting for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The team leaders of Jay Borkland, who led the Apex work in the 2015 study, and Richard Baldwin bring decades of Virginia and U.S. East Coast-based experience to the team, as well as up-to-date experiences in the developing U.S. offshore wind marketplace. In addition to its long history and tenure in Virginia (Ramboll was previously known as ENVIRON International Corporation), team members have ongoing relationships with various high-end educational institutions who are developing important information and protocols for the developing domestic offshore wind market.


Jay A. Borkland, PG — Senior Managing Consultant
Jay is an offshore wind, geoengineering, geoenvironmental, and port and marine infrastructure expert with over 35 years of industry and research experience. He operates as a Program Manager, Project Director and International Advisor for Ramboll and is an Associate Research Professor at Tufts University, where he conducts research and teaches courses on offshore wind and sustainability-related topics. Commercially, he has been Project Director and Technical Expert for hundreds of large-scale marine, environmental and construction projects for private clients, municipalities, states, the Federal government and International interests. Jay was one of the primary authors of the 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation report. He is one the country’s top experts with respect to the infrastructure requirements of the offshore wind supply chain industry.

Richard Baldwin — Principal Consultant
Richard has nearly 30 years of environmental experience, with particular expertise in ports and harbors/waterway studies, offshore wind development, storm recovery and remedial actions, resiliency, flood-event evaluation, as well as environmental investigations at industrial, private, federal and publicly-owned facilities. He is well-versed in collecting and analyzing soil, soil vapor, groundwater, bottom sediment and water column samples. He has designed and implemented remedial investigations (RIs), feasibility studies (FSs), remediation work plans, evasive species identification and eradication, bathymetric surveys, geotechnical evaluations, regulatory permit evaluation/acquisition, contractor evaluation/oversight, as well as public awareness and education. Richard is one of Ramboll’s lead practitioners in its developing offshore wind market sector, particularly as related to infrastructure to support the required offshore wind supply chain along the East Coast. Rich is a licensed Professional Geologist in New York and in Pennsylvania and is an American Institute of Professional Geologists Certified Professional Geologist. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Earth Sciences Department at State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Joseph Vitale — Principal
Joseph has over 30 years of experience as a Principal-In-Charge, Project Manager and Engineer with particular expertise in ports and harbor, offshore wind and brownsfields development. He has particular expertise to support offshore wind supply chain property development with regards to permitting, conducting feasibility studies, preparing engineering designs and implementing construction projects. For many private and public sector clients, Joseph has led on assignments involving environmental cleanup, commercial site redevelopment and due diligence of property assets. This work has been undertaken through local, state and federal regulations including the federal RCRA, CERCLA and TSCA regulatory programs.

Dr. Tim Fischer — Vice Director, Wind & Towers
Tim has extensive experience in wind turbine and support structure design, in particular in the offshore wind context. He has been active in the wind energy industry for almost 15 years. Tim is a highly-skilled project manager with experience in managing intercultural and interdisciplinary projects. His project experience ranges from designs of different offshore support structures to projects about new wind turbine concepts and an onshore as well as offshore wind farms. Along with Klaus Jacob Jensen, Tim leads Ramboll’s Wind division that employs globally approximately 300 dedicated experts. Further to his commercial experience, Tim is well experienced in research and development. He acted as project manager of several large European offshore wind R&D projects and is an author and co-author of more than 40 scientific publications in the context of wind energy. His many years of international offshore wind experience make Tim an incredibly important asset in any “lessons learned” evaluation. He knows what has worked, what did not work and what will work.


MassCEC — Massachusetts Offshore Wind Ports & Infrastructure Assessment
The MassCEC awarded Ramboll and team partners a contract to study the potential for the development of offshore wind infrastructure within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The assessment encompassed a series of tasks, key among them an evaluation of underdeveloped waterfront sites in Massachusetts that could potentially be developed through private investment to support both near-term and long-term offshore wind activities. The study yielded a series of property assessments to guide offshore wind developers, manufacturers and private investors for their selection of sites to fabricate, manufacture, stage, deploy and service offshore wind components in Massachusetts and along the East Coast. The project included developing a comprehensive 400-plus page report detailing the redevelopment and reuse cases for 18 sites, and full-cost estimate and permitting information.

LEEDCo Icebreaker Wind — Permitting and environmental compliance
Ramboll provided permitting and environmental compliance assistance for the development of an offshore wind farm to be constructed in Lake Erie. The team collected data and information required to complete the application for Certification from the Ohio Power Siting Board, Permit for Private Aid to Navigation, and Notification of Proposed Construction Activities related to a wind energy project approximately seven miles offshore of Cleveland in Lake Erie. Ramboll supported negotiations and developed aquatic and avian/bat species monitoring protocols, as well as assessed noise impacts to aquatic species. Ramboll also provided information on rail and ship infrastructure, upgrades to Ohio ports and procedures to assess the turbines during frozen conditions.

+ Timmons Group (Timmons)

Founded in 1953, Timmons Group is a multi-disciplined engineering and technology firm and has been recognized for over twenty years as one of Engineering News Record’s (ENR) Top 500 Design Firms in the country. It is a recognized expert in site and infrastructure development with strong relationships with the Virginia Economic Development Authority and the Virginia Port Authority. Timmons has a long history of providing quality services to both and has successfully delivered on three recent DMME-funded projects: 2014 Wide Area Metocean and Environmental Monitoring Program, 2012 Advanced Technology Demonstration Site Development (which ultimately lead to VOWTAP) and the 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation (as a subcontractor to BVGA). Timmons’ interdisciplinary team is comprised of recognized scientific and industry leaders in the U.S. wind arena who are actively engaged in research, data collection and data analysis for offshore wind development in metocean meteorology and environmental surveying and monitoring. Timmons team members are constantly working throughout the U.S. in wind energy development projects and employ state-of-the-art approaches and technologies in the services required for each project.


Rick Thomas, PWS, PWD — Primary Port Terminal Assessment PM
Rick has over three decades of environmental consulting experience, including natural resource assessment and regulatory permitting facilitation. Throughout his career, Rick has provided consulting services for a wide range of municipal, state, federal and private clients. For nearly 10 years Rick has focused on developing alternative and renewable energy projects within the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has performed multiple due-diligence, site feasibility and permit facilitation for several wind energy development projects. As a subcontractor to James Madison University, Rick assisted DMME’s Division of Energy in continuing the work of the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium with the Virginia Offshore Wind Advanced Technology Demonstration Project, which evolved into the Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Advancement Project (VOWTAP).

Joe Hines, PE, MBA — Primary Port Terminal Assessment Sr. Engineer
Joe is a Principal with the Infrastructure and Economic Development practice and has more than 26 years of experience in site selection, site analysis, design, funding, and construction administration/inspection/supervision. Joe’s engineering background combined with a Master’s in Business Administration provides him with the ability to understand the engineering fundamentals while maintaining a strong business perspective, with an eye towards the bottom line during the development of these projects. Joe has performed site and infrastructure assessments on several industrial and economic development sites throughout the southeastern U.S. Joe was one of the primary architects behind the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program and wrote the Tier System evaluation system for industrial sites that was codified in The Code of Virginia.


DMME — 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation
The team completed a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the four primary port terminals in Virginia. Included in the assessment was support in table development, site attribute description, infrastructure assessment, site development scenario development, permitting and cost estimating, full development integration scenarios of the four primary port terminals, job creation estimates associated with erecting or remodeling on-site buildings and upgrading their serving transportation and utility infrastructures.

DMME — Offshore Wind Data Gathering Opportunity
The team developed a proof of concept for a wide area metocean and environmental monitoring program that will lead to commercialization and deployment of a state-of-the-art data collection and transmission system. The solution includes deployment of a self-elevating mobile marine platform capable of housing multiple wide area remote sensing technologies.

USDOE/DMME — Virginia’s Advanced Technology Demonstration Project (VATDP)
Performed siting, permitting due diligence, and fatal flaw analyses on multiple offshore wind turbine sites for Virginia’s Advanced Technology Demonstration Project (VATDP), a project funded by the US Department of Energy and overseen by DMME. The team also managed the selection and performance of numerous subcontractors for VATDP, including those companies performing detailed aviation, interconnection and electrical load studies.

Various clients — ‘Prospect Ready’ Site Preparation
Timmons Group provided site analysis, site selection, due diligence, and other services to companies including Rolls Royce, and The Vitamin Shoppe to help locate manufacturing and distribution centers in Virginia. The portfolio of projects represents some $3 billion in announced investment and creation of over 6,500 jobs.

+ Greentree Consulting, LLC (Greentree)

Greentree is a is a domestic and international supply supply chain advisory group whose mission is to increase the domestic content of North America’s clean energy installations, and prepare the U.S. workforce for the emerging offshore wind industry. Focus areas include land-based and offshore wind, solar, automotive hydrogen fuel cells and others. Greentree’s Patrick Fullenkamp and Dee Holody were members of BVGA’s subcontract team for the 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation.


Patrick Fullenkamp
Patrick is a Principal at Greentree with combined 40 years experience in the design and manufacturing of automotive and wind turbine components. He previously worked with Global Wind Network (GLWN) from 2009 to 2017 as the Director of Technical Services to support manufacturing in wind-energy and clean-energy hydrogen fuel cell related firms. Patrick led the offshore wind and PEM hydrogen fuel cell supply chain development initiative. He has worked with the offshore wind industry leaders in Europe and has visited ports and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Denmark and China. He was the Principal Investigator for a U.S. Department of Energy project entitled “U.S. Wind Energy Manufacturing and Supply Chain: A Competitiveness Analysis.” Patrick has 30 years prior experience in the automotive sector in international supply chain, engineering, manufacturing, quality, project management and logistics. He started manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Portugal, India and Mexico. Patrick has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute and a MS in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University.

Dee Holody
Dee brings to Greentree over 20 years of working with U.S. manufacturers, with a recent concentration in domestic clean energy supply chain development. Dee previously worked at GLWN, where she served as Director of Operations from 2008 and lead efforts to advocate for and identify domestic suppliers for emerging clean energy industries. Dee worked on the U.S. Department of Energy’s “U.S. Wind Energy Manufacturing and Supply Chain: A Competitive Analysis” project, where she led an analysis of U.S. manufacturers’ readiness to supply 13 next-generation wind turbine and balance-of-plant key components. Dee also led an offshore wind domestic supply chain initiative for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the New Bedford Economic Development Council, in which she identified regional component, material, and service suppliers for offshore wind as well as for developing the Mass Offshore Wind Supplier Directory. For the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation project, Dee assessed job skills and educational requirements for offshore wind component manufacturing. Her work in 2016 focused on identifying regional suppliers for labor, services, equipment and material for the Icebreaker Wind project. She most recently led the analysis of New York state’s job skills and education requirements necessary to support the emerging offshore wind industry along the Atlantic coast.


DMME — 2015 Virginia Offshore Wind Port Readiness Evaluation
Greentree (formerly GLWN), as a member of the BVGA team, was tasked with a jobs impact analysis (i.e. potential jobs to be created for each port build-out scenario that was evaluated). Jobs impact estimates were prepared for each manufacturing key component as it becomes operational within each port scenario. The educational level and skill requirements for these jobs were also characterized.

U.S. Department of Energy — U.S. Wind Energy Manufacturing and Supply Chain: A Competitive Analysis (2014)
This 18 month DOE manufacturing competitiveness analysis project, that GLWN was selected to lead, analyzed U.S manufacturer’s ability to compete globally in the manufacture of key wind turbine components: blades, towers, jacket foundations, and permanent magnet generators. 22 current wind component manufactures from 3 countries were visited and analyzed to compare the cost of material, labor, burden, transportation, and profits. GLWN also developed a Wind Industry Scorecard, an analysis of US manufacturer’s readiness to supply 10 wind turbine and 3 balance-of-plant components for offshore wind.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) — Offshore Wind Supply Chain Directory (2017)
Greentree conducted supplier research and outreach as well as organized a match-making session for 12 major contractors with 65 Massachusetts suppliers for a total of 165 sessions and the development of a Mass Offshore Wind Supply Chain Directory. The team also developed list of MA suppliers to meet the needs of contractors through internet research, e-mail and phone calls and orchestrated the MassCEC Supply Chain Directory.

NYSERDA — The Workforce Opportunity of Offshore Wind in New York (2018)
Greentree (as GLWN) conducted a review of New York’s manufacturing community and assessed capabilities within the state to produce the elements/sub-elements: turbine supply (towers, blades, nacelle and rotor assembly) and balance of plant (foundation, array and export cable, substation supply and operational infrastructure). It also identified gaps in the current NY supply chain and assessed and determined the staffing requirements (management and production), special skills, certification and education levels for production of the offshore wind elements.

+ Business Network for Offshore Wind (THE NETWORK)

The Business Network for Offshore Wind (THE NETWORK) is focused solely on the creation of an offshore wind industry. THE NETWORK brings together businesses and government, both domestically and internationally, to educate and prepare small businesses to enter the offshore wind market. As a result of extensive (80 plus meetings) activities in MD, NJ, MA, RI, NY, CA and TX, THE NETWORK has established a brand and credibility for coalescing the offshore wind supply chain as well as affected stakeholders. Further, THE NETWORK has long experience in developing, utilizing and maintaining web-based, offshore wind databases and interactive tools. Liz Burdock is a very-well known entity in the U.S.-based offshore wind supply chain network and brings her knowledge and relationships to Virginia. If there is anyone who can facilitate bringing supply-chain practitioners to the table, it is Liz.


Liz Burdock — Executive Director
Liz is the Executive Director of THE NETWORK and has extensive experience running public/private partnerships. She managed Partnership For Advancing Technology in Housing, a White House initiative and the Chesapeake Crescent, a regional initiative aimed at growing a green economy in VA, DC and MD. Her career is focused on convening and coordinating diverse stakeholders, including businesses, academic, business, government agencies, policy makers, community leaders, workforce organizations and strategic investors to develop sound solutions that facilitate the implementation of clean energy in the U.S. Earlier this year, Liz published an article about port infrastructure in North American Wind Power.

Ross Tyler — Strategy & Development Lead
Ross provides strategy and development support to THE NETWORK. He has market development expertise with 10 years in the renewable energy sector, specializing in offshore wind. His career has included management positions with both government and private organizations directing U.S. and international partnership-building programs. Ross has used his marketing channels and supply chain experience as Principal Consultant for I&F Consulting in his subsequent roles as Director for Delaware’s Department of Business and Economic Development under Governor Minner and Maryland’s Director of Clean Energy under Governor O’Malley. In the two years he spent working internationally with UNEP’s Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative, Ross gained insights and experience into different national public funded practices in establishing renewable energy generation and the respective supply chains. Ross earned his B.Sc. from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and his MBA from the University of Kent in the U.K.

Courtney Malvik — Designer/Editor
Courtney creates content, organizes it, refines it and puts it out into the world in an attractive and creative way. Whether developing a custom Filemaker database, producing a winning proposal, creating a website or developing a well-designed magazine, she has the skills and 27 years of experience to produce professional, exceptional output.


State of Maryland — Stakeholder Engagement for Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act
In 2011, THE NETWORK began reaching out to various stakeholders to form a coalition to pass the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act. This outreach included: business, labor, environmental and workforce NGOs, local regulators, communities and academics. THE NETWORK was responsible for communicating the benefits of offshore wind, balancing various viewpoints into a coherent strategy and bringing together diverse stakeholders to realize their common interest in establishing an offshore wind industry.

State of Maryland — Offshore Wind Supply Chain and Vessel Operator Outreach
In 2014, THE NETWORK convened supply chain companies and vessel operators to communicate concerns over navigational issues in the Maryland WEA. THE NETWORK listened to all parties and drafted a solution that was well received by U.S. BOEM and ultimately acted upon by the agency. Working with the State of Maryland, THE NETWORK convened six working groups of diverse stakeholders to discuss barriers to the commercial scale development of offshore wind and facilitated the development of white paper solutions.

NYSERDA — Supply Chain Database
In 2018, NYSERDA requested THE NETWORK assist them with a supply chain database. THE NETWORK’s work includes outreach and organizing the supply chain fields so NYSERDA can choose what companies their European delegates should meet; adding supply chain field to the database and organize our supply chain fields under preferred categories: Turbine, Foundation, Subsea Cable, Substation, Marine Logistics, Professional Services.

+ Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority (VOWDA)

The Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority (VOWDA) was created by 2010 legislation -- Title 67, Chapter 12, Code of Virginia. The mission of the Authority is to facilitate, coordinate and support development of the offshore wind energy industry, offshore wind energy projects and supply chain vendors by:
— Collecting metocean and environmental data;
— Identifying regulatory and administrative barriers;
— Working with local, state, and federal government agencies to upgrade port and logistic facilities and sites;
— Ensuring development is compatible with other ocean uses and avian/marine wildlife; and
— Recommending ways to encourage and expedite offshore wind industry development.

Members include:

Joan Bondareff, Chair
Principal — Blank Rome, LLC

B. Hayes Framme
Government Relations and Communication Manager Southeast — Ørsted

Phillip S. Green
President — Green Powered Technology

Bob Matthias
Assistant to the City Manager — Virginia Beach City Manager's Office

James McArthur, Jr.
Vice Admiral — U.S. Navy (Retired)

Laura McKay
Manager — Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program

Mark Mitchell
Vice President of Generation Construction — Dominion Energy

Arthur Moye, Jr.
Executive Vice-President — Virginia Maritime Association

Brian Redmond
Managing Director — Paragon Asset Group, LLC