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Virginia's Offshore Wind Supply Chain Opportunity

Virginia is well-positioned to be the location of choice for the offshore wind supply chain and service industry along the East Coast.

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East Coast Offshore Wind Supply Chain Engagement Opportunities

The Virginia Offshore Wind Team is seeking expertise and interest in three key areas: Partnerships, Workforce and Business Incentives / Business Climate.

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Virginia's East Coast Advantage

Virginia’s unmatched port infrastructure, high-quality maritime workforce and thriving economy differentiate it from every other East Coast state.

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Research and Commercial Offshore Wind Development

Virginia has been preparing to be a leader in the offshore wind sector for over a decade.

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Meet Virginia's Offshore Wind Team

Virginia’s team features experts with global experience focused on the long-term economic development opportunity to capitalize on Virginia’s logistical and workforce advantage.

Hampton Roads’ unmatched port infrastructure and high-quality maritime workforce make the region an ideal location for offshore wind energy development. Virginia should be the prime location for the offshore wind industry, from the supply chain to the full build-out of our offshore wind assets off the coast.
— Governor Ralph Northam

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